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Hold Shine Pomade:




Flexible hold, ultra-styleable finishing wax. Seperates with absolute precision, constantly redraws your hairstyle, perfect for adding the final touch to completely informal, ruffled hairstyles


Directions:Use when hair is dry or bit wet, dispense proper amount (according to actual condition) into palm, extend into hair, style hair by combing with fingers to achieve fleecy, fashionable and shining effect


  • Suggestion for storage period:

All PESHO products are granted a 3-year storage period. It is suggested to use your product within 6-months after it is purchased and unsealed. For prolonging the storage period, please keep the product stored in the refrigerator or low-temperature environment


  • Instruction and notice for storage of Pesho Products

Pesho has consistently employed the best natural materials as the main ingredients and it’s unique formula in production of our products. it is advised to follow the instructions below for storage of our products to ensure their freshness and effectiveness



aqua, glycerin, oleth-5, oleth-10, beeswax, ozokerite, PCA, PVA, mineral oil, parfum, methylparaben, propylparaben, methylisothiazolinone

Hold Shine Pomade

Productcode: ART-NO.PRO004
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